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"I have traded for 12 years. I have had more success with options than with anything else before. I've had a really steadying influence from joining Hybrid Trades. You're doing an awesome job. I am a scalper by nature. In and out between 3 minutes and 45 minutes, the 45 minutes being the rarest of trades."
Scalp Trader
"I felt like that a month ago, started to learn a bunch but it was complex and just kept breaking even. Learning about sentiment and flow to add to technical analysis, and trading options has been a game changer! Options I feel better about diversifying/adding easier for me to conceptualize potential loss etc"
Nurse G
NP/Part Time Trader


We use the application of mass psychology in the financial markets to evaluate risk appetite. What we focus on can often lead to finding great risk reward setups, reversals, and spot extreme signals before the rest of the retail herd.


Monitoring advanced options flow is useful in many ways for all types of trading. Learning how to interpret what direction the smart money is betting gives advanced logic and edge to entries and exits. What we do different is reduce the amount of noise by filtering options activity. This gives members a curated stream of top bets and the implications it may have on the underlying stock.


As a group you can battle test the information and see how other members are interpreting the data. Every piece of information is picked apart and applied to individual trading strategies. This aspect is not able to be duplicated through a simple newsletter, alert service, or unusual options activity services.